12-3pm | Daily



Soup of the Day | MP
seasonal selection

Hand cut Kennebec Fries | 6
oregano sea salt

Hand cut Sweet Potato Fries | 6
oregano sea salt, garlic

Zucchini Keftedes | 11
tabbouleh Greek ranch

Wood Fired Octopus | 16
grilled octopus, sautéed potatoes, haricotvert, taramasalata

Artisan Cheese Plate | 16
chef's selection of three cheeses , sesame crackers

Charcuterie | 18
capicola, prosciutto, cheese, caper berries, gherkins

Wedge Salad | 10
baby iceberg, blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction

Burrata Salad | 10
salad of tomatoes, burrata cheese, olive oil, balsamic reduction

Horiatiki Salad | 10
Greek village salad of tomatoes , cucumber s , Kalamata olives , onion s , bell pepper s , feta

Fish Tacos | 14
three fish tacos, flour tortillas, pico de gallo cabbage, chili mayo

Greek Ruben | 14
corned beef, marbled rye, cabbage slaw, Kefalotyri cheese, 1000 island, choice of sweet potato fries, Kennebec fries

Durham Ranch Beef Burger | 16
pretzel bun, white cheddar cheese bacon onion marmalade,choice of sweet potato fries or Kennebec fries




Paninis | 12
served with choice of soup or pasta salad) 

Caprese Panini
mozzarella, fresh basil, seasonal tomato, olive oil and balsamic

Ham & Brie Panini
sliced ham, brie, spinach, dijonnaise

Pear & Gorgonzola Panini
fresh seasonal pears, gorgonzola cheese, arugula, aioli




served with choice of: Kennebec fries or sweet potato fries

Lamb | 15
Beef | 14
Chicken | 13
Vegetable | 12




Margherita | 15
house made sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, Buffalo mozzarella

Meat Lover  | 17
sop pressata , Italian sausage, pepperoni, Buffalo mozzarella

Greek | 16
artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, basil, feta, arugula, pesto sauce