Sample Menu


Small Plates Experience of Five Dishes $45

Meze or small plates to be shared at will, and served at ease. Enjoy as a meal,
or as the start to your meal, paired with wines, lagers and spirits.

Carrot Keftedes- carrot tabouleh, tahini yoghurt

Wood Grilled Octopus- barley salad, fennel seed dressing

Wood Roasted Confit Chicken Wings- orange, radicchio, olive & mint salad

Wood Grilled Halloumi -CA asparagus, ouzo lemon caper dressing

Clementine & Chili Marinated Prawns- cauliflower skordalia

Roasted Beet and Apple Salad- feta curd, hazelnuts

Chicken Orzo Soup- grape leaves, herbs, lemon

Wood Grilled Sardines- gigantes, heirloom tomatoes, chili, mint

Kalamata Toast- pulled lamb, baba ghanoush, pomegranate

Tomato Feta & Almond Baklava- tzatziki

Seared Ahi Tuna- tarama, wood roasted cauliflower, crispy capers

House Cured Salmon- quinoa, blood orange, fennel

Beet Keftedes- beet cous cous, tzatziki, spiced seeds

Kataifi Wrapped Feta- raisin oregano dressing, honey

Wood Grilled Lamb Cutlets- black tzatziki

Chicken Liver Pate- wild mushrooms, bacon, anise crackers

Rabbit Spanakopita- pickled cabbage, Greek ranch

Brandy Hot Chocolate Shot- walnut and cinnamon marshmallow

Greek Coffee Plate- panna cota, ganache, jelly, granita, doughnuts & custard

Pear Tart- pistachio frangipane, rose ice cream

Wood Grilled Manouri- pistacios, dates, orange, Attiki honey


Wood Grilled Large and Sharing Plates

Pulled Lamb Burger- beetroot tzatziki, feta, watercress, brioche $20

Wood Grilled Whole Fish- lemon roasted potatoes,wilted greens, caper dressing   MP

Wood Grilled Fish Fillet- lemon roasted potatoes,wilted greens, caper dressing   MP

Wagyu New York Strip- green tomatoes, arugula, kefalotyri $55

Painted Hills Flat Iron- green tomatoes, arugula, kefalotyri $42

Wood Grilled Eggplant Souvlaki- tahini sauce, dukkah $24

Spit Roasted Chicken- lemon roasted potatoes,wilted greens, capers $49 Whole / 26 Half

Spit Roasted Pork Belly for two- fennel seed, anchovies, sage, soft polenta $40

Wood Roasted Mussels-  tomatoes, ouzo, dill $20


Hand Cut Chips- oregano & lemon salt $6

Wood Grilled Broccolini-  tahini yoghurt, pine nuts $6

Artisan Mixed Leaf Salad- champagne vinaigrette $6

Village Salad- feta, tomatoes, cucumber,olives $6

Wood Roasted Squash- feta, spiced seeds $6

Local White Polenta- lemon olive oil $6